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Karen C. Knox is the Director of the Orion Township Public Library (OTPL) in Lake Orion, Michigan. After working for twelve years in library technology, she is enjoying the challenges of administration. Her technology and management background provides her with the tools to help grow OTPL and lead them into the years ahead. Most of all, she enjoys helping people use technology and library services to improve their lives. She has a BS in Computer Science from the University of Michigan and a MLIS from the University of Texas at Austin.

Karen enjoys being involved in the library profession, previously holding various positions in the Michigan Library Association and currently chairing the Polaris Users Group. She has presented at conferences and published articles on a variety of library technology topics. She has published a book, Implementing Technology Solutions in Libraries. She thoroughly enjoys how “library people” are so willing to share ideas with one another!

In her spare time, Karen enjoys reading chick lit, solving Sudoku puzzles, watching Law & Order, and playing PopCap games. She is addicted to her CrackBerry (well, Droid) at times but finds relief by exercising regularly. She always enjoys writing, as it provides her with an outlet for her thoughts. She also loves children’s literature, and once considered becoming a children’s librarian…but still enjoys the kids’ books. Karen can often be found spending time with her wonderful family and friends and looks forward to many more adventures in her life!

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